Financially Foster

Introducing the option to financially foster

Financially foster
Do you like the idea of fostering but are intimidated by all it entails?

You can still make a huge difference in a pet's life by sponsoring them.

Your donation will help to cover a portion of their expenses as they grow and thrive in their foster home. Pets receive wellness visits and prevention for flea and ticks in addition to being spayed/neutered and microchipped prior to adoption day. This top-notch care comes with a financial weight. Foster families are responsible to cover the costs of food and litter, and that alone can become a big expense. Round Of A-Paws Pet Rescue recoups only a portion of this expense on adoption day.

This is where you can help!

By choosing to sponsor a Round Of-A Paws Pet Rescue pet, you can help lift a portion of that financial weight. You will be put in contact with your sponsored pet's foster family. They will provide you with pictures and updates as the pet reaches different milestones. You will have the option to have your name displayed below your sponsored pet's picture.

Financially fostering may give you priority for adopting when the pet is ready. ROAP does give priority to the physical foster family first, and we do not ask them to make their decision until the pet is ready for adoption.