About Round Of A-Paws Pet Rescue

Round Of A-Paws Pet Rescue was founded in March of 2021 by Jasmine Junior. Since the age of 5, Jasmine had a love for animals. She would watch Animal Planet every day, her favorite shows being The Crocodile Hunter and Animal Precinct. Her dream was to become a veterinarian or an animal control officer.

As she got older, Jasmine continued to study different animal breeds and would continue to strive to help animals. Whether it was helping a stray dog reunite with its family or orphaned kittens. Her first job was at Erdman Animal Hospital, where she was able to begin her journey in the veterinary field. After 9 years in the veterinary field, volunteering with local rescues, and rescuing pets on her own accord, she decided to start Round Of A-Paws Pet Rescue. She hopes to continue to spread her love and help as many pets as she can.

ROAP is an all-volunteer, foster-based rescue in Baltimore, MD. Our mission is making family a reality for homeless animals, educating the community on providing healthy and happy homes, and providing resources to ensure pets are well cared for.

Adopt. Love. Save. 🧡